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Based in US and Japan, we are a leading virtual assistant agency providing a wide range of solutions to entrepreneurs, start-up businesses, and expatriates. Specially, who face a language barrier and require premium Japanese language support.

Why choose us?


years of experience in providing administrative and executive services

Result Oriented

We are a result-oriented company with a keen eye for details and a deep conviction to drive growth and success


We take pride in our rich experience, work ethic, and 24/7 operational availability to our clients.

Who needs a VA?

đź•™ Your Time is Priceless

And so is your success

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Instead of spending precious time and effort managing administrative tasks and attempting to auto-translate foreign languages, hiring a Japanese virtual assistant will save you a lot of time. We give you the flexibility and freedom to focus on high-level projects and leave the rest to us.

Tokyo Virtual Assistant will help you through your projects and offer support tailored to your specific goals. From administrative operations and recruitment to market research and business expansion, WE DO IT ALL. Our Japanese virtual assistant and concierge services are designed to meet our clients’ expectations, if not surpass them.


Here’s what we can do for you:

Virtual Assistant

Executive Services

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General Bookkeeping (Xero, Sage, Quickbooks, Fresh Books)

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Tracking Receipts and Bank Statements​

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Monthly Expense Reports and Reconciliation​

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Preparing Balance

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Credit Card Reconciliation​

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Data Entry​

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Monthly Invoicing​

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Personal Banking​

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Accounts Payable​

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Accounts Receivable​

Human Resources

Job Posting, Management and Resume Reviewing

Employee Scheduling

Benefits Administration

Other Services

What we do?

Have you ever wished your business had more than 24-hours in a day?
Tokyo Virtual Assistant is here to make that dream a reality.

Why you need a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

Most businesses spend valuable time and work-force on repetitive tasks. Hiring a japanese virtual assistant will save your business precious time, money and resources, so you can focus on things that matter. As a result, making you more efficient and profitable.

What VA Services do we provide?

With our rich and solid experience in providing foreign secretarial services to our clients, our virtual assistants manage to adapt to a rapidly changing world. We expanded our service offerings to include skills that you master but don’t have time to do for operations that might be beyond your grasp.

What can a VA do?

Virtual Assistants can help transform your business by handling smaller, time-consuming tasks and freeing you up to handle high-level details and deals. Assistance with occasional projects, repetitive tasks, and local information in Japan can be easily done by Tokyo Virtual Assistant and our experienced staff.

Do we offer Executive VAs?

Yes we do. Our executive assistance will reach you wherever you are, and our local knowledge is a vital asset for your business growth and success in Japan. Virtual assistants’ ability to multitask can empower your business while substantially improving your company’s efficiency.

Make the most of your Business with Tokyo Virtual Assistant

With Tokyo Virtual Assistant, delegating has never been easier.
Our expertise and Japanese-language services are just one click away.

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